Rosa's Experiences:


   "Living in the middle of two different worlds."


Living with Xavier and Ashley is very hard.  Most sibling fights are about "who gets the remote first" or "which one gets the Xbox" but my favorite is, "Why do you have a cellphone and I don't."  But always at the end of the day they make up and are Best Friends Forever. “BFF” again.   Well not with Xavier and Ashley.    You see Xavier is fire and Ashley is gasoline and you do not need a genius to figure out the rest. But, I am in the middle.  

Ashley’s world is full of creativity, cats, and math.   Xavier’s is Minecraft, transformers, and Legos.   You can see how different they are.   Yet my world has reading, learning, and helping others.  Over the years I learned to “Fade into the background.”  What I mean by that is when Xavier or Ashley go crazy or do something terrible.  I just stay with my mom and dad and do not say anything.   This happens a lot.   This is one of the problems I have with them.   Another one is friends.   Most people meet Ashley and Xavier and when they explode they fight a lot alike!   So when they meet me they expect me to be the same.   What sucks is I know their thoughts and that they say “When is she going to explode too.”   The most friends I ever had was six. 

During 2nd and 3rd grade I did not have any friends.    Well I had one if a dog counts.   It was really until almost 4th grade when I got my B.F.F.   She is still my B.F.F. today.   She knows about Ashley’s and Xavier’s problems but she is still my friend.   She has had plenty of times to not be my friend but she never did.    One thing I remember about Ashley and Xavier was the day they got tested for Autism.   I was sitting in the kids waiting room when 2 doctors came in.   They kept trying to beat around the bushes.   The thing is you always come to what you want to say.   I do not remember some of the words they said.    Some of them were “Your brother and sister are not like your friends.  They have something called Autism.     Autism is where your brother and sister do not think like other people.”   That is all I remember them saying.   I was about 4 when they told me this.   But ever since that day I decided never to beat around the bushes.   

After that day we met different people who tried to help us there was “Crappy Beginnings” a counselor who was very stupid.  The one that helped our family the most was doctor Jasmine.    She helped my dad and mom and me too but some stupid people forced her out of her office.  That is when we ended up with nurse practitioner “G”.   She did not help us at all.   She made me depressed and said I did not have Bipolar Disorder.   Well to wrap this up.   I just want to say being the “Normal” one in the Family sucks sometimes.