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The Bipolar Family podcast deals with all aspects of living with the disorder, from going on vacation, to work life, to helping someone with the disorder, through the eyes of host "Bipolar Bob" and his family, some of whom have bipolar disorder, autism or both. -- Healthline.


Refreshing to hear a podcast that is actually pro prescription medicine. Most of the info out there is negative but if you ever had panic attacks, anxiety or depression that is severe enough to make you non functional medication is a very good crutch until you can solve underlying problem. Sometimes meditation and breathing don't cut it. Not everyone abuses. Bob and his family are an example of the necessity and success of these drugs for many people. Good to get another perspective. -- by Lean ing



Lives in Somewhereville. Has been married Seventeen-Years to Bipolar Bob's wife. A father of three: Ashley an Autistic; sensory-perception-disorder (SPD) and Bipolar 15-year-old.  Rosa a Bipolar, 13-year-old. Xavier an Autistic; pervasive-developmental-disorder (PDD), Bipolar 11-year-old.  

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can range from anxiety and deep depression to racing thoughts, lack of need for sleep, and fatigue.  The disorder is characterized by individuals experiencing extreme mood swings, including emotional highs and lows.  A person can go from feeling euphoric to extremely depressed.  

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